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the prisoner of spenda




Arnold Basket


Sidney James
Prince Rupert
Vera Basket Barbara Windsor
Count Yerackers Peter Butterworth
Madame Olga Joan Sims
Nickoff Kenneth Connor
Colonel Yackoff Jack Douglas
Duke Boris David Lodge
Tzana Diane Langton
Major Rupert Evans
Waiter Ronnie Brody
Screenplay Dave Freeman
Producer Gerald Thomas
Director Alan Tarrant


Saturday January 4th 1975 at 6.20pm on ITV


Crown Prince Rupert has been imprisoned in the castle dungeons by his evil cousin, Duke Boris, to prevent him from ascending to the throne. The cunning rotter has also imprisoned all of his look-alikes in the same place as well. This gives a headache to Count Yerackers and his aide Yackoff. Unless the Prince is returned before the coronation, Duke Boris will ascend to the throne and become King of Pluritania.

Whilst all this courtly intrigue is happening, Arnold Basket and his wife Vera arrive from London on their honeymoon. By an amazing coincidence, Arnold is the spitting image of the missing Prince, a resemblance not unnoticed by the residents of Pluritania. What follows is a furious race to get to Arnold first between Count Yerackers and Duke Boris.


The series gets off to an OK start with this one. However all the regulars apart from Sid and Babs are given far to little to do. There's some alright jokes, but like the rest of the TV series, looks shockingly cheap.

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