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lamp-posts of the empire




Lady Mary Barbara Windsor
Stanley Kenneth Connor
Dick Darcy Jack Douglas
Dr. Pavingstone Bernard Bresslaw
Lord Gropefinger Peter Butterworth
Witchdoctor Oscar James
Mabel the Gorilla Reuben Martin
Native Wayne Browne
Park Bench Man Norman Chappell
Old Man John Carlin
Screenplay Lew Schwarz
Producer Gerald Thomas
Director Alan Tarrant


December 7th 1975 at 7.25pm on ITV


BUGS (The Bermondsey Universal Geographical Society) agrees to send newspaper reporter Stanley to find the long-lost Dr. Pavingstone. Stanley has been given the dubious honour of being the societies greatest explorer (dubious as he's the only member capable of successfully navigating their way out of the lecture hall). On his expedition he's joined by the Geographically challenged 'Elephant' Dick Darcy and Lady Mary. However once they discover Pavingstone, he's none to keen to return to civilisation, due to the fact that he's had a run-in with the local Witch Doctor, leaving him with a monkey's tail.


Sorry, but this one is a right bloody stinker.

So we now come to the end of the Carry On Laughing series and what have we learnt from the experience? Was the series successful? Well as ever it's up to the individual to decide. There are a few good moments in the series, but these all happen mainly in the first series, and even then can be few and far between.

Personally this is the section of the website that we really couldn't be bothered with creating. We're just glad it's out of the way, and can go and have a drink and a long lie down after having to endure six and a half hours of pretty awful comedy. Cheers!

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