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the baron outlook




Baron Hubert Sidney James
Lady Isobel Joan Sims
Marie Barbara Windsor
Sir William Kenneth Connor
Friar Roger Peter Butterworth
Rosie Linda Hooks
Griselda Diane Langton
Sir Simon David Lodge
Etelbert John Carlin
Soldier John Levene
Gaston Brian Osbourne
Herald Anthony Trent
Screenplay Dave Freeman
Producer Gerald Thomas
Director Alan Tarrant


Saturday January 11th 1975 at 6.20pm on ITV


Sir Gaston is in trouble as the English are invading France, so the cowardly Knight exchanges clothing with his busty Paige Marie. This unfortunately leads to him being chased by a group of invading sailors when they mistake him for a busty wench. Meanwhile Marie has been captured by the English and is escorted to the dilapidated castle of Baron Hubert Outlook and his wife Lady Isobel. Other inhabitants of the castle include the frankly-past-it knight Sir William, and the alchemist Friar Roger, who cunningly has established that the best way to turn lead into gold is by stripping the castle's plumbing and flogging it. If this wasn't a bad enough situation, things are about to get worse, with the arrival of the King's Inspector General of Royal Castles. Baron Hubert knows that  the Inspector won't be best pleased when he finds the Tower of Cleethorpes isn't in first class condition.


Not as good as the proceeding episode, but here they've managed to run to the expense of having some of outside broadcast material, even if it does look lousy as it's shot on videotape rather than film. Er, anyway, the regulars are all good, but the script is very poor.

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