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carry on screaming 1966




Det. Sgt  Bung Harry H. Corbett
Doctor Watt Kenneth Williams
Albert Potter Jim Dale
Valaria Watt Fenella Fielding
Emily Bung Joan Sims
Dan Dan Charles Hawtrey
DC. Slobotham Peter Butterworth
Doris Mann Angela Douglas
Sockett Bernard Bresslaw
Doctor Fettle Jon Pertwee
Odbodd Tom Clegg
Odbodd Junior Billy Cornelius
Mr Jones Frank Thornton
Vivian Michael Ward
Cabby Norman Mitchell
Desk Sergeant Frank Forsyth
Policeman Anthony Sagar
Mrs Parker Marianne Stone
Girl Sally Douglas
Rubatiti Denis Blake
Screenplay Talbot Rothwell
Producer Peter Rogers
Director Gerald Thomas

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Down in the forest something stirred, and after a few hesitant investigations, Albert Potter returns to find his young fiancée gone, abducted unbeknown to him by an ape-like monster called Odbodd. But Albert finds a vital clue to the identity of his girlfriends captor in the shape of a strange hairy finger the thing left behind. Albert hastily calls on the professional services of Detective Sergeant Sidney Bung and his slow-witted assistant Detective Constable Slobotham. Together they return to the scene of the strange happening.

It is Slobotham who has the first glimpse of Odbodd as he searches for his missing digit. Being of sound mind and limb and an officer worthy of his high calling, he promptly faints and the monster disappears. Bung and Albert revive Slobotham and together they reach the only house in the vicinity - a forbidding macabre place which they feel it their duty to investigate. Having crossed the threshold of the house, called Bide-A-Wee, they encounter the strange Doctor Watt (dead for 15 years, but regenerated for this occasion), his sensuous vampire like sister Valeria, and Sockett, the gaunt, faithful 7ft butler.

Terrified by these apparitions and subsequent events of an unusual nature, the visiting trio flee in great disorder, unaware that poor Doris, Albert's loved one, is in the cellar, undergoing the fearful process of petrification.

Bung is called into the station again to discover that Albert has received a letter from Dan Dan who would like to meet him at his convenience where he promises to shed some light on the mystery.

The trio set out to interview Dann, closely followed by the Doctor (in disguise), Valeria and Odbodd.

Dan reveals that he used to be a gardener at Bide-A-Wee, but before he is able to pass on anymore information, he is disposed of by Odbodd - drowned in the very place where he has lavished so much professional pride.

Pursuing the clue of the severed finger  in the police forensic lab is Dr. Fettle, who by some mysterious means regenerates the digit into the full size replica of Odbodd, but the ill fated Doctor is destroyed in the process. Odbodd Jr.  is now at large, meanwhile Doris is dispatched to the local milliners as a window dummy!

Bung summons his remaining courage and visits Bide-A-Wee again to report on the demise of  their ex-gardener. Valeria, sensing danger, seduces Sgt. Bung in true Vamp style and he, in turn, succumbs to her considerable charms. The following morning sees Bung in an unusual cheerful mood, until Albert is ushered into the station complaining that he has seen his girlfriend in the milliners shop window as a dummy. Bung follows this up with yet another visit to the Bide-A-Wee, only this time he alarms Valeria into precipitate action. She gives him a potion which transforms him into a raging beast and sends him off with Sockett to retrieve Doris from the shop window.

Ironically, Bung, quite oblivious to the previous nights events, is called in next morning to investigate his own crime of breaking into the shop. Albert is suspected and apprehended but is released when he produces a cast-iron alibi.

Bung has a rare flash of inspiration, which results in Slobotham acting as a decoy in feminine garb. Slobotham is suitably attired for the role and he and Bung leave for the clearing in the woods to masquerade as a courting couple. Mrs Emily Bung, the Sergeant's long suffering wife, with growing suspicions about her husband irregular nocturnal escapades decides to follow the 'courting couple' and makes her way to the wood, keeping a safe distance behind them. In the resulting chaotic events Slobotham and Emily are abducted by Odbodd and Odbodd Jr. and taken back to Bide-A-Wee where Dr. Watt and Valeria are waiting to petrify and vitrify them for selling as dummies. Albert bumbles along in his dedicated search for Doris and both he and Bung are incarcerated at Bide-A-Wee by Valeria.

Now all are gathered under one roof.

Sgt. Bung and Albert, managing to survive an attempt on their lives by a deadly python, stumble firstly into Slobotham, still alive, and then Doris, still mummified. They manage to regenerate her back into flesh and blood and together the foursome prepare to escape from Odbodd and Odbodd Jr. Bullets and brick walls fail to halt the advancing monsters, but Albert's, suddenly fortified by a drink similar to that which had the staggering effect on Bung, disposes of them with two almighty displays of superhuman strength.

Dr. Watt having experimented on his Egyptian mummy, Rubbatiti, without success, is delighted when a bolt of lightening from the storm raging outside, penetrates the mummy, bringing it back alive. His joy is short-lived, however, for he is unable to escape from the advancing Egyptian and they both plunge into a seething vat of vitrifying fluid.

What becomes of the voluptuous Valeria? Fortunately the kindly Sgt. Bung has found her a permanent position as his housemaid, while his wife, the not so voluptuous Emily stands in one corner waiting to be regenerated from her petrified state...


Frying tonight! A completely over the top and wonderful spoof of the hammer horrors. Despite the notorious low budget of the Carry On's, this macabre homage to the Hammer Horrors is carried off magnificently (perhaps because the Hammer films were equally as low budget). The story incorporates a multitude of horror images with an old fashioned detective story whilst the sets, lighting and eerie music are just perfect. Of course none of this wouldn't matter if the script was poor, but thankfully Screaming rates as one of the finest in that respect.

There are many macabre elements to the film, in the traditional horror vein; Mummies, Werewolves, Haunted Houses, The Un-Dead, Monsters, abductions, murders, strange goings on and finger regeneration. If you're squeamish, don't watch.

Of course, this is the film that Harry H Corbett makes his one and only appearance in the series, filling in for an absent Sid James, and undertakes the role marvellously. A much better guest star that the ultimately miscast Phil Silvers in Follow That Camel. Obviously a homage to Sherlock Holmes, Det. Sgt Bung is a great comic creation, ably assisted by his dim sidekick Slobotham.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Williams and Fenella Fielding put in cracking performances as the ghoulish brother and sister team. Kenneth puts in this campest performance to date, whilst Fenella is suitably cast as his vamp of a sister. Charles Hawtrey makes a shoehorned appearance as Dan Dann, Jon Pertwee has a similar 'blink and you'll miss him' appearance as the police surgeon, whilst Frank Thornton (Captain Peacock in 'Are You Being Served') appears in his only Carry On role as the shopkeeper.

So this is another stonking film in the series because  everything just clicks into place. The series was about to embark on it's most successful period, although it's interesting to note that this was the final film made for Anglo-Amalgamated, who decided in their wisdom to stop making the series and move into more upmarket films. During their 8 years with the distributor, there was a dramatic change in style. Initially they stated as coy, romance led comedies until a change in writer demanded that we were given the kitchen-sink realism of Carry On Cabby, the straight laced historical Carry On Jack, to the first really good historical with Carry On Cleo when Talbot Rothwell really found his feet. Although for our money, Carry On Screaming is the best of the Anglo-Amalgamated films.

other information

Sergeant Bung's car is a 1904 Brushmobile. The company was based in Loughborough in Leicestershire, England and only six of these cars were made.

Whenever Bung is driving the police car  the soundtrack plays a variation of 'Johnny Todd', the theme to the TV series 'Z Cars'. Another musical gag is when Bung rides on the horse & cart and the tune "Old Ned" is used, which is the theme to 'Steptoe and Son'.

Although credited as Anon in the film, the title track was actually performed by Ray Pilgrim, a session singer for the Woolworth's owned Embassy label. Subsequently a single was released by pop star Boz Burrell (at that point a singer with the group Bad Company).

Series Director Gerald Thomas provided the monster gibberish for Oddbod Jr. This wouldn't be the only time he'd do this kind of thing as he provided the voice for the foul-mouthed Mynah bird in Carry on Behind nine years later.

When Kenneth Williams received the script he initially declined the role as he didn't want to play an old character. Therefore the relationship between Valaria and the Doctor, initially Father and Daughter, was changed to Brother and Sister instead.

Jewellery was bought from London for Fenella Fielding to match her iconic red dress, h
owever she chose to wear her own ring for the role which cost her the princely sum of £9.00.

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